Sustainability is not a "one-time job"

The somewhat different birthday present for our guests.

The scientific community agrees: trees are an effective and sustainable tool in the fight against climate change. Why? Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen at the same time. And by the way, the tree provides a habitat for animals and ensures healthy soil. 

Trees are true superheroes! That is why we have decided to plant a tree for every guest who has a birthday and will thus plant over 6800 trees in their name. The trees are planted to support local smallholders in Tanzania: (Transparency)

Make a small contribution step by step.

One tree alone will not stop climate change. But if each of us plants even one tree, we have already taken a big step towards offsetting CO2 emissions. We have chosen GrowMyTree as a partner for our project because they are an absolutely transparent partner. The seedlings are grown with the support of local smallholders and villagers. The growth of the trees is monitored in the long term. GrowMyTree does not only focus on the trees, but also supports other projects with social benefits. Read more about our partner:

Sustainability is not just an award

In March 2022 we received the IBEX-Fairstay and the Swisstainable Award for sustainability, this was just the first big step on our sustainability journey. Now we strive to live and breathe sustainability into every decision we make and every action we take, and to contribute to a better future for generations to come with many smaller and bigger steps. With the idea of giving our guests a tree for their birthday, we would like to take our guests with us on the sustainability journey and live the idea of sustainability together.

Let's make the world a little bit better every day!



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