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We offer you varied and extensive training possibilities.


Strengthen your body and your mind

Strengthen your body and mind with conscious movements associated with your breath. The various exercises promote strength, flexibility, concentration and balance. The sessions all end with a short relaxation. Immerse yourself in the world of yoga, relax and recharge your batteries.


Gentle but effective whole body workout. The abdominal, pelvic and back muscles are specifically strengthened and your posture is being improved. Breathing plays a central role in Pilates. Enjoy harmony and well-being!

Healthy Back

Simple and effective exercises to relieve and prevent back pain. The mobility, stabilization and mobilization of the spine are promoted. Strengthen the deep back muscles and receive practical tips on how to protect your back in everyday life.

Aqua Gym

Aqua Gym is a joint-gentle, efficient and holistic workout in breast deep water. Your well-being, strength, endurance, mobility and coordination are being promoted.

Float Fit

Joint-gentle, high-intensity whole-body training on the floating mat. Endurance and physical strength are trained. Thus the deep muscles are optimally stressed: fun factor guaranteed!

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The first Cross-Fit Box in Saas-Fee.

CrossFit is a new training method developed in the United States. The idea behind it is surprisingly simple: a varied, high-intensity strength and endurance program helps you strengthen your body and reach a new level of fitness. And all this combined with a big portion of fun and passion!

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