Our group classes

We offer you varied and extensive training possibilities.

High-intensity / cardio trainings

Fit Circle, HIIT, and more...

Short and intense workouts that improve your endurance and strength and boost your metabolism. Use your own weight as training resistance.

Full Body Training

Pilates, BBP, Body Forming, Back Fit, and more...

Gentle but effective whole body training. Strenghten your muscles, improve your posture and mobilise your whole body with targeted exercises.

Relaxation activities

Stretch & Relax, Meditation, Black Roll, and more...

Slow down and actively promote the regeneration of your body. With different relaxation techniques you can release tension in your muscles but also let go of stress and overstrain. Feel completely recovered.

Water Activities

Aqua Gym, Aqua Zumba, Float Yoga, Float Pilates, and more...

We offer you various fun and joint-gentle activities in or on the water. With the resistance of the water or the floating underlay you will promote strength, endurance, coordination and overall well-being.

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The first Cross-Fit Box in Saas-Fee.

CrossFit is a new training method developed in the United States. The idea behind it is surprisingly simple: a varied, high-intensity strength and endurance program helps you strengthen your body and reach a new level of fitness. And all this combined with a big portion of fun and passion!

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