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We give everything for your very personal #Grandtimeout.

A well-coordinated, motivated and professional team of hosts and hostesses will jointly take care of your well-being in all areas during your stay and look forward to providing you with unforgettable days.

Klaus Habegger

General Manager

"I can often be found in the office, but I actually prefer to be in the restaurant, at the bar or in the wine cellar - tidying up, of course ;-)

The Walliserhof is a top 5* hotel with fantastic guests and an informal atmosphere. I am convinced that this is how we create an authentic holiday experience for our guests and at the same time give our employees joy and fulfilment in their work."

Klaus Habegger
Laura Anthamatten

Laura Anthamatten

Deputy General Manager - Head of Sales / Marketing

"The most beautiful place for me is suite 1.307, with its 2 floors, the fireplace and the fantastic view it reflects what makes the hotel significant. The Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa is probably the most historic hotel in Saas-Fee and it is an honour for me to be part of this history."

Kathrin Habegger

Human Resources Manager

"My favourite place is our gourmet restaurant Caesar Ritz, because I think the view is fantastic and the architecture is very exciting."

Kathrin Habegger
Krista Koerin

Krista Koerin


"I enjoy being in lots of different places in this historic hotel. Be it our Junior Suite 3.602, where I accompany our guests and which, with its beautiful view of the glacier, the mensardised roof and its alpine chic style is like a cosy place, - or our seminar room, where I conclude my work and my guests can express their creativity and lead their projects to success. Last but not least, I also love gastronomy and therefore enjoy spending pleasant moments in our restaurants and our bar in my free time. That's what makes the Walliserhof so unique: you enjoy spending time here because it feels like home!"

Jens Greiner

Spa Manager

"My favourite place is the fitness area, which also makes the Walliserhof something very special. It's very professionally equipped and it's the largest gym in Saas-Fee."

Denis Seidel

F & B Manager

"My favourite place is the Caesar Ritz, the warm interaction between staff and guests makes the Walliserhof something special for me."

Michael Wirkes

Head Chef

"For me, the path from the kitchen to the Caesar Ritz restaurant with its breathtaking view of the glacier is the most beautiful place in the Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa."

Rui Lanca

Rui Filipe Lanca


"My favourite place to be is the Caesar Ritz gourmet restaurant, because I get to spoil our guests at breakfast and dinner and have the opportunity to interact with them on a personal level. For me, it's the place where guests become friends."

Marco Teixeira

Executive Housekeeper

"I have two favourite places at the Hotel Walliserhof, one is the swimming pool because it is undoubtedly one of our flagships, and the second is the balcony of the George Michael suite (2.501) because it is part of the most beautiful room that honours this great name of world music, George Michael, and because it has the best view of the entire Saas Valley and the glacier that this pearl of the Alps offers us. 

Personally, this hotel means a lot to me because I have learnt to grow as a person here, but above all as a professional, together with a great housekeeping team that has always done an excellent job even in difficult times, we have formed a great team."

Andreas Eichstädt

Andreas Eichstädt

Chef Technik

Abilio Ribeiro

Chef Portier

"The best thing about the hotel for me is the balcony and the view from Suite 1.307. What makes the Walliserhof special for me are the guests I have known for many years and the family atmosphere!"

Abilio Ribeiro
Dalia Held

Dalia Held


"The Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa has grown close to my heart. I've been working here for 16 years. A sign that I feel completely at home."

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