Sustainability at the Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa

Unsere Nachhaltigkeits-Reise:

Tourism in high alpine and sensitive areas today always brings with it a great responsibility. Saas-Fee with its unique glacier world also feels changes in the climatic conditions.

We are convinced that everyone can make a contribution to protecting and preserving our indescribably beautiful nature and environment.

Recertification with ibex fairstay level gold

The advancement to Gold certification reflects the Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa's ongoing commitment to being a leader in sustainability in all aspects of its operations. This achievement is a further step in the hotel's mission to not only provide an excellent guest experience, but also to actively contribute to the protection of our environment and the promotion of the community.

Grow My Tree

  • Next big step in our commitment
  • 6800 trees will be planted
  • every guest receives a tree (incl. personalised certificate) for their birthday, on site or by mail
  • doing something good together with our guests

ibex fairstay Award

  • Certifies and supports sustainable business management
  • Holistic sustainability management
  • Environmental compatibility and savings opportunities are always considered
  • Value creation remains in the region

Reward Swisstainable

  • Label III - leading from Swisstainable
  • Switzerland Tourism's sustainability label the whole industry joins forces for a fully sustainable travel experience
  • Participation in the Swiss-Vegi Day

Partner of Too Good To Go

  • Mobile app to reduce food surplus
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • "With every meal saved, the world becomes a little better."

We are part of the OK:GO Initiative

  • Accessibility information on our offers and services
  • Facilitating travel planning for people with disabilities, senior citizens and families with young children

"Wal Lisa von Hof" & freshly caught trout

  • Our cow Wal Lisa von Hof spends the summer on the Triftalp
  • She supplies us with fresh alpine cheese
  • our kitchen team regularly fishes for trout from Lake Kreuzboden
  • Herb garden in front of the hotel
  • The birthday wishes for our guests are written on seed cards, which can be planted at home and a flower grows


  • We grow our own kitchen herbs in summer
  • We pay attention to the seasonality of the vegetables
  • Reduction of kitchen waste through planning, ToGoodToGo and 

    giving the surplus to the employee

  • "from nose to tail" everything is utilise


  • Financial or time-related support is provided
    for employee training and further education
  • Apprenticeship training
  • Possibility of part-time work
  • 40% of the management are women
  • Employment opportunities for the 55+ age group
  • Issuance of full-year contracts for employees

In the hotel everyday life

  • Help with planning your arrival and departure by public transport
  • SBB luggage special
  • Pick-up of guests at the car park or bus terminal with electric cars
  • Swiss products are preferred Use of
  • Diversy products for precise dosing of cleaning agents
  • Reduction of plastic, with the aim of avoiding it altogether

Renovation 2019

  • Prerequisites for connection to the district heating network were created
  • Replacement of the ventilation systems
  • Renewal of the refrigeration cells in the kitchen
  • the rooms were furnished with local wood and stone


  • Support for local associations
  • Support of events in Saas-Fee and the entire Saas Valley (Mattmark Memorial, IceClimbing World Cup, Allalin Race, etc.)
  • Support for charitable organisations and associations



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