We work with natural products at our Grand Spa

All products are free from silicones, parabens and animal raw materials. 

You can choose from the following treatments:

  • C Pure – a vitamin bomb
  • A Classic – mature skin
  • Hyaluronic – a freshness kick
  • Men – a hangover treatment

Our spa experts create your personal treatment plan with you, based on your wishes and skin-type requirements, whether for blemishes, sensitivity, mature skin or moisture.

pampering time50 minutesCHF 135.00

80 minutesCHF 210.00

Beauty Extras

Eyelash dyeing
CHF 30.00
Eyebrow dyeing
CHF 35.00
Eyebrows and eyelash dyeingCHF 45.00

Manucure classic*

CHF 75.00
Manicure  de  luxe *CHF 140.00
Pedicure classic*
CHF 90.00
Pedicure  de  luxe*
CHF 140.00

* Classic: Nail care, skin care & short massage

* De luxe: Nail care, skin care, peeling & pampering massage

Nail polish is included on request. Without nail polish CHF 10.00 discount

You can find further beauty offers in our spa brochure:



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