Let the trained hands of our Grand Spa therapist team loosen your muscles again. Afterwards you will feel free in your movements again.

Grand Spa - Wellnessmassage

Our in-house full body massage in combination with a head, neck or foot reflex zone massage.

Pampering time:80 minutes
195.00 CHF

Partial massage

Depending on the focus of treatment, the back or shoulder and neck area is kneaded, milled and stroked.

Pampering time:20 minutes
70.00 CHF

50 minutes with Fango Pack125.00 CHF

Grand Spa- Full Body Massage

Finest natural aromas and oils care for your skin from head to toe. A healthy muscle balance for sport, everyday life - for you.

Pampering time:50 minutes
130.00 CHF

Four worlds massage - Grand Spa special massage

We invite you on a relaxing trip to discover the world’s most popular massages: the Swedish healing massage, the lomi lomi nui massage from Hawaii, the Thai massage and the Ayurvedic  massage from India.

Pampering time:80 minutes
CHF 200.00

You can find more massages in our spa brochure:

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