Peelings & body packs

All the body treatments and peelings at the Grand Spa focus on the well-being and care of your skin. We are happy to fulfil your wishes, whether this be for a preparatory peeling, a skin-tightening pack or a firming wrap.

Full body peeling

The mechanical removal of the uppermost skin layer, gentle and effective. Ideal to prepare the skin for further care steps or simply to achieve a smoothing. The elasticity and firmness of the skin is increased and the pores are reduced. The depth of wrinkles is reduced and the absorption of active ingredients by the skin is optimised. Furthermore, the skin's own collagen fibres are activated.

Homemade mountain herbs salt peeling

Our homemade peeling from mountain herbs, a cream peel mix and selected essential oils.


Wine marc full body peeling

A gentle peeling with wine marc slows down the ageing process of the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, promotes blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.


Sea salt peeling

A promotion of the skin circulation and an invigorating complexion develops.

Tip: we recommend having a relaxing massage after peeling treatment to achieve optimal relaxation and care.

Pampering time:
20 minutes
CHF 75.00

Body packs

The basis of all full-body packs is the soft-pack lounger. The pack is applied with you lying down and then you are wrapped in a towel so that your skin can absorb the positive effects of the particular pack. The warming blanket is heated to about 39 degrees, which causes the pores to open up quickly. All the packs moisturise and care for your skin. The effects achieved vary widely – from tightening to relaxing – depending on the particular ingredients used.

Mountain flower meadow

A real speciality among the packs! We bed you on our alpine hay before you are wrapped in an intensive evening primrose oil cream pack. It has a strong moisturizing and replenishing effect, regenerates and at the same time counteracts the aging process. The fragrant hay allows you to relax especially well and you will feel as if you were in a lush green mountain meadow.

Grand-Spa Special: mountain and sea

Base cream mixed with mountain herbs and algae, a homemade pack that is full of effects and fragrances. It also soothes the skin, has disinfectant properties and is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

Pampering time:
45 minutes
CHF 90.00

in combination with a peelingCHF 135.00

More body packs in our spa brochure: