Spa rituals and pampering experiences for two

Experience relaxing moments alone or in pairs during our SPA rituals:

Oriental steam bath

A pleasant composition of feel-good care elements. An application that uses various muds to free your skin from toxins. The different peelings prepare your skin ideally for absorbing highly effective care substances.

Tip: care for your skin afterwards with a body pack or a feelgood soap foam massage on our heated hamam lounger.

Pampering time:
40 minutes
1 person
CHF 75.00*

40 minutes
2 people
CHF 65.00*

40 minutes
3 - 4 people
CHF 60.00 *

*price per person

Alpine time-out

Herbal foot bath - Peeling - Massage - Moisturizing fleece mask

We start with a herbal footbath and serve you a delicious wellness tea. Afterwards you enjoy a full body peeling with the following full body massage. When you lie on your back and enjoy your massage, we will place a moisturizing mask on your face. The combination of moisture for the face and our high-quality massage oils pampers your skin at the highest level.

Tip: The freshness kick for at home, our fleece masks for CHF 10.00

Pampering time:
110 minutes
CHF 249.00*

*price per person

Grand-Spa Relax together

New: Viking ritual

A ritual from the far north with Finnish birch branches, a full body peeling and a full body massage. With a peeling on our warm Hamam couch starts the ritual. Afterwards you will be treated with the soaked birch branches in the warmth cabin. After the musculature is well supplied with blood, enjoy another soothing full body massage with honey-ginger oil.

Pampering time:90 minutesCHF 210.00*

Wellness massage

A full body massage in combination with a head, neck or foot reflexology massage.

Pampering time:
80 minutes
CHF 195.00*

*price per person

You can find more spa rituals in our brochure: